The Church And Social Services

I was reliably informed that 80% of all health workers in Germany are employed by two Christian charities. One of them, Caritas, is run by the Roman Catholic Church. I also learnt that 60% of all hospital beds in Germany are in Roman Catholic Church-run hospitals.

Some of the biggest hospitals in the United States are faith-based hospitals run by Baptist, Roman Catholic and Methodist churches.

The Roman Catholic Church has more health facilities than any nation in the world.

The evangelicals in Germany are also doing well.

I’m so glad I met a young man Rev. Ugo Akwarandu, senior pastor of the Freedom Word Assembly, Aba, doing something great in this direction.

He runs the Freedom Word Mission hospital, a very beautiful world-class hospital, and he has a beautiful ultra-modern diagnostic centre in the same street in the Umungasi/Abayi neighbourhood as the church and hospital. In addition, he runs the Freedom Word International Academy a very beautiful school also on the same street. These are beautiful edifices.

I was so impressed.

Less than one kilometre before him at Umungasi, we have the Living word Ministries where I got born again in 1986, run by Rev Emma Okorie. They have churches and several schools; that’s where my children started school. They have the Living Word hospital and Rhema University. Their services are not free, just like in other countries, but the availability of these services is worth celebrating.

Their contribution to the community and national development is noteworthy.

I was most impressed by the humility of Rev Ugo Akwarandu.

I look forward to building a great private specialist hospital at Otokutu one day as my contribution to community development.

The church is marching on; it’s a trend worth replicating around Nigeria.

God Bless You.

Abandoned Visions Turn Into Nightmares

I was close to the age of 40 years when I suddenly realised that I had abandoned my vision for life and was becoming a tool or even a broom in a vision I was not responsible for.

I came to realise the following realities:

P1 – Purpose

Take personal responsibility for your life and purposes.

In the Parable of Talents, each servant was responsible for the management of his talent. It was not a congregational or denominational responsibility. The earlier you realise this, the better for you and the fewer chances you have of complaining about your denominational leadership.

A purpose-driven life is more beneficial to a denomination than a life merely in pursuit of miracles.

P2 – Personal pronouncements upon your life

You are the most effective prophet in your life. Prophecies don’t work on visionless lives unless it’s of predictable doom. You can pronounce your future into existence.

P3 – Prayers

Prayers must be for purposes beyond your personal needs. When I found a purpose beyond my personal needs, Jehovah became a partner in my vision.

Most of what I do are not for my immediate personal needs. They are mainly to meet the needs of humanity. You reach a stage in life when your personal needs are met by the humanity which you serve.

I always wonder how you allow others to determine what you pray about and you even repeat prayers after people (that you most times don’t understand). You know your pains and purposes, and you are in the best position to discuss with your father.

I am my best prayer partner.

You can hold a contrary opinion, but as far as it’s my personal life, I know my needs more than anyone else.

P4 – Preparation

I started buying land here (at Effurun-Otor) 9 years back, bit by bit.

I moulded blocks many years ago. I had also accumulated about 20 trips of sand some years back from the honorarium I received from my lectures and preaching engagements.

P5 – Planning

When your purpose is for kingdom development, the spirit of the Lord is part of your planning. Your planning is like prophecy.

I waited for the right time before laying the foundation of the building.

Planning brings prioritisation and order to your life.

P6 – Push and pursuit of purpose

Your purpose must follow you to bed, get you out of bed, and send you to work on your purpose.

Wake up and work on your purpose, if not weeds will grow on it.

P7 – Perspective

Know where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.

P8 – People

You need the right people to help you push your dream to fruition. Some people are speed breakers and fire extinguishers. Some are subtractors and dividers. Avoid them.

After all the prayers and prophecies, stand up and pursue your purpose.

God Bless You.

Calm Down! Christmas Is An Assumption

Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th; it’s an assumption. Don’t kill yourself over an assumption.

Ethiopians and other orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

There is nothing special about praying on December 31st crossover night if you have not planned and prepared for the so-called new year. It’s just another year if you get into it with the same mentality and attitudes.

Church declarations and slogans will not decide how your life will go in the new year. A lot will depend on your choices, chances, and the changes you will make.

You are not better than those who died before January 1st if you live 100 years more without evidence of your existence.

Don’t deceive yourself, you are not crossing over to take over anything without developing vision, character, capacity, and competency to do better than your competitors and challengers.

The Chinese who don’t celebrate Christmas and our new year make more money from this hype of Christmas and new year. Just like our Muslim brothers who do not celebrate Christmas but make a lot of money from us.

You will leave your dirty country to Dubai for Christmas. Wetin dey worry una self?

The big question, how much do Christians make from Muslim festivals?

The Gregorian year, 2022, is neutral. It is the values that you bring into it that determine what you get out of it.

I have been selling broilers since yesterday and immediately after the Christmas frenzy. I will stock up for the next frenzy called Easter.

I was on my farm today after preaching at an outreach at Ifie-kporo to inspect the cassava that I will harvest in 2022.

There are other plans for 2022, but the main guys are strategically planning for 2023; they are not carried away by your religiousity and excitement. In fact, they give you food, drinks, and money to keep your mind away from reality so that they can keep controlling you and your resources.

Poor people are usually easily excited with music, including church music, food, sex, money, and entertainment. That’s how to enslave them.

If you don’t gerit, nobody can help you gerit.

God Bless You.

Confront That Goliath

Any soldier out of King Saul’s army could have killed Goliath if they knew that as an uncircumcised philistine, there was a death sentence on him for insulting Jehovah. Only David dared to confront Goliath; others ran away from him.

A lot of us run from our Goliaths.

Goliath paraded size, statistics, scary appearance, and stories of those who succumbed to his power. David had insight and faith, based on what Jehovah had done for him in the past.

God had seen me through more difficult circumstances before. I remember when we were building Petra Christian Academy Ughelli. It was a swamp and seven tippers were bringing sand for filling for days. At this time of the year, then, I would go speak to the land and call the foundation into existence.

Somehow, garri price rose astronomically around this time (which was sometime in June this year). I rode the wave and got money to dig the foundation. I would go to the dug foundation and call forth money to pay workers.

Around this period, also, I got a phone call to deliver a series of lectures. Honorarium came and I had funds to pay some bills.


But note this:

  1. I bought granite several months before now.
    I live Internationally. My people have a saying that it’s during daylight that you start searching for a black goat, not in the dark.
  2. For each speaking engagement I came from, I bought two to three trips of sand, so I had about 20 trips of sand on the ground.
    I learnt this from Igho Okeya, my lawyer. It forms part of our principle of gradualism.
  3. I got a loan facility from my cooperative to buy 600 bags of cement.
    Some simple questions: How many of you reading this belong to a reliable and functional co-operative? How many of you are responsible co-operators?
  4. I asked for help from my friends and partners and it was great leverage.

When David killed Goliath, he needed the rest of the army of Saul to secure the victory. Your network is your net worth.

Special thanks to all my friends and partners.

Remember, we have very fertile and affordable land for sale at Effurun-Otor just behind Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor.

If You Live Casually, You Become A Casualty

Only 5% of those who ever live, discover their purposes in life. It’s not enough to discover your purpose. You must live with intentionality.

Intentionality is the deliberate day-to-day and step-by-step actions taken to reach and maximise your purpose or vision.

Purpose is a divine assignment, while vision is a personal dream; however, they can be synchronous.

One careless action, relationship, or speech can derail or negate your purpose.

Samson knew his purpose early, but he lived casually and became a casualty.

Intentionality involves acting with anticipation of an expected result. It is like acting prophetically. You become the prophet of your life. Your choices and actions are predicated on your purpose.

Intentionality leads to greater productivity.

God is intentional.

Intentionality is Godlikeness.

God Bless You.

Life Will Ask You Questions



This post will make you angry with me; but it’s part of human behaviour.

I’m at the airport at Asaba to board a flight to Lagos to attend the Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association, Class of 1972, pre-reunion meeting. Every class at 50 years, post-admission, is expected to do a project in the school that runs into millions of Naira. It is being hosted by the CEO of Income Electrix, Matthew Edevbie, one of the biggest energy companies in Nigeria and Africa. In fact, he is responsible for my tickets and accommodation.

By next year January, it will be 50 years since we got admitted into Class One or present day JSS1.
In the space of 50 years, this class has produced very successful businessmen, a retired Admiral from the Nigerian Navy, several lawyers, medical doctors, politicians, scholars, educationists, and clergymen.

One of the things that shaped my life was the pain my elder brother caused my mother. He messed up opportunities and became a source of ridicule to my mother. One of my aunties would always start any discussion with my mother when they meet by asking questions about that my brother. My mother would start explaining why he had no job yet and stories of how things have been tough with him. I made up my mind to change that narrative.

Unfortunately for that my auntie, her eldest son was later jailed for 10 years for being in possession of cannabis. Anytime my mother met her, it was revenge time. She would always start the discussion with questions about the son in prison. My mother was a “bad mama”! she would ask how many years of the sentence was left. If the woman says 7 years, my mother would scream as if it was eternity.

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter right now.

I later noticed as I got older that when old friends meet, the discussion starts with questions about children, where they were, what they were doing, etc.

From my mother’s experience, I made up my mind to work hard, at least, to have good answers when I meet my old friends. God helped me to avoid the terrible mistakes of the ghetto. One day, I will write about the ‘Mistakes of the Ghetto’.

You, young person, reading this post, I beg you earnestly, don’t waste time and opportunities. Find a small niche for yourself, make a mark and meaning.

All fingers are not equal, but someone rightly said that you must not be the small finger. If you are not the fish or meat in the soup, at least you can be the salt or Maggi. I redefined my life at 40 years of age.

Life will definitely ask you questions. You can’t escape it.

Even ants ask questions when they meet each other. Have you noticed it?

Don’t be like Gehazi who became a storyteller instead of a history maker.

On Sunday, there will be so many questions when we meet for lunch. I hardly eat in public, but it’s going to be a great time, meeting after nearly 50 years.

Remember 50 years does not take long. Time runs very fast after the age of 40.

God Bless You.

As Far As Your Eyes Can See—It Works For Me

God told Abram, “Look as far as you can see in every direction—north and south, east and west. I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession.

For every vision you have and wherever you are standing, try to project to the end. When you do that, your subconscious possesses it, and your vision fuses with your being over time.

Before we laid this foundation on by 62nd birthday, I stood on the land many times and call the building into existence, even when I was to my barest minimum, financially.

It also worked for me with the school in Ughelli, Petra Christian Academy. I stood in the waterlogged area several times and called those buildings into existence.

Many people are too distant and far away from their visions. Their visions do not form part of their beings, thoughts, and actions.

Today, I’m charging you to marry your vision. When you do that your thoughts and actions will translate to make your visions to reality.

A few minutes after making this post, I got a call from a clergyman that has not called me for years, and he wants me to deliver a lecture on Entrepreneurship..

That’s part of how I have been running things here.

To support the Petra Institute Dream, please use any of the following links:,

God Bless You.

The Pathway to Progress and Prosperous Living

A lot of what we, so-called motivational and prosperity preachers, declare on people every new year and every new month, are based on too much assumed faith. Faith must be manifested by actions. Faith without works has rigor mortis. Because faith is kept alive by action, it must be preceded by the knowledge and decision of what to do.

When some fellows dug through the roof of another man’s house to evade the big crowd in front of the house where Jesus was, He noticed their faith and called it great faith.

The mind is the residence of faith and the generator of thoughts and action. The knowledge of what to do, how to do it, where to do it, with whom to do it, and even when to do it, are essential additives to faith, if not, it is just zeal without knowledge. Zeal, without knowledge and reckless religious adventurism, is responsible for the poverty and the underdevelopment in very religious communities and countries, including the ultra orthodox Jews in Israel.

Perspective is the art of two-dimensional representation of height, width, and length. Destiny is a vector quantity and is represented in your mind in a two-dimensional form.

When two lines are viewed over a long distance, they seem to fuse at a point called the vanishing point. In my mind, the vanishing point is my objective and aspirations. The two parallel lines are the contrasting issues—one line representing my challenges, the sacrifices I need to make, the actions I need to take and the other line is the joy I derive I doing what am doing.

I force myself to really enjoy every bit of effort I put in to reach the vanishing point or objective. I see the vanishing point from very far off. I reach it in my mind and enjoy the euphoria before I get there, even if those around me can’t see it, feel it, or understand it.

That’s the fuel that keeps me going.

Visualizing and enjoying the victory, while fighting the battle—this is the first and most important step in faith.

Faith is acting based on the conviction of the imagery of a believed future and celebrating it as you act, even when it is just a two-dimensional representation and not yet tangible in 3D.

God bless you.

Pursuit Of Purpose

We, so-called motivational speakers, (me inclusive), most times, place the pursuit of worldly achievements ahead of the pursuit of divine purposes.

I have seen very “successful” people who commit suicide, who are on drugs, and who are very unfulfilled. They have this empty core that material attainments cannot fill.

Man was created purposefully to take up responsibilities. We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works prepared for us in advance. It is the identification and passionate pursuit of purpose that makes life worth living.

It might disorganise a very religious African brain to know that God looks up to man to take initiative and assume responsibility to solve most of the problems we have in Africa, instead of disturbing Him with prayers.

The reason Africans pray so much is because we like to avoid responsibility and take actions to solve our problems. We like to outsource our challenges to God—the same challenges that nominal Christians confront and overcome, and in the process create wealth.

The typical African prayer warrior does not pray for ideas to solve problems, (s)he attempts to pray the problem away and, by so doing, stagnates and makes no new discoveries.

When you are not willing to progress, you blame your colonial masters, ancestors, witches, and demons. But you never blame yourself.

When you passionately pursue your purpose, you don’t have time for jealousy, church politics, and obstructionism.

If in your pursuit, you make a mark, make meaning, leave good memories, then what most of us run after will run after you.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other thing shall be added—that’s not escapism to heaven; it must be married with ‘thy kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven‘. It involves bringing a little piece of heaven to people you come in contact with. The Kingdom of God is at hand is not only the soon-return of Jesus; it is the proximity and accessibility of the Kingdom life to humanity.

If you notice carefully, most people who talk about end-time, end-time and end-time are either underproductive or are hypocritical. The hypocritical ones are busy doing things that make life easier for themselves and their families, while creating fear and docility in people.

I know the Lord will come; when He will come is not my business. My business is to show evidence of my service to humanity, and He would say “Thou good and faithful servant, come to my rest“.

Let me provoke some religious people here now, you will not exchange the “old rugged cross for a crown”! it is the results of your productivity, in proportion to your abilities and ‘talents’, that you will exchange for a crown.

Don’t pursue what Jesus said will follow you.

God bless you.

God’s Ways Are Not Caged In Doctrines or Normalcy

Character Study of Ruth: Ruth 2 & 3

God is sovereign.

God is beyond the Bible.

God is greater than His instructions.

God cannot be confined to regularity, routine, or rules. God gave us rules to regulate us, not to regulate Him. He decides whom to show mercy and whom not to show mercy on.

Your brain is too small to explain or understand His ways. Any understanding you have about God is a little light He beamed on your mind. God’s desire to fulfill His will and purpose is superior to anything you can imagine. Some divine purposes are achieved outside the routine.

Ruth set out to propose marriage to Boaz, it is contrary to the routine. The two fellows are unusual in the sense that Boaz is the descendant of a harlot, Rahab, and Ruth is Moabitess. Moabites are the products of sexual intercourse between Lot and his daughters.

Humanity is a collection of purposes clothed with flesh. You are either in pursuit of Jehovah’s purpose or the devil’s purpose.

The greatest social intelligence is from acting under God’s guidance.

If I wrote the Bible, I will remove the portion where God told a prophet to go marry a harlot. But I’m not God, and His was are not my ways.

The deeper mysteries of God are beyond church doctrines. There are times Jehovah breaks protocols to reward faith.

There was a closer kinsman Redeemer than Boaz. I suspect he was not as rich as Boaz. Glory to God he rejected Ruth.

Rejection is not necessarily a negation of purpose; it might just be a rearrangement designed for the fulfilment of purpose.

I was born from a levirate marriage in very unusual circumstances, contrary to the norms of our culture; but I was in God’s mind and plan. My background is not perfect, but I have pushed them to my back and they are on the ground—background.

I’m pressing forward towards the mark of higher calling.

Don’t let your family failures or your failures stop you.

I’m an unfolding purpose of Jehovah; I’m not normal, but I don’t care.

God Bess You.