Father’s Don’t Eat Father’s Day | We Deserve More

Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to express my gratitude to all fathers. I’d like to say a prayer for all fathers.

We work so hard to raise children, so hard to care for our families and wives, and so hard to build houses. We put in a lot of effort to start businesses. We work so hard to provide a good life for our children. However, we discover later in life that some of these children hardly ever call you. My bank occasionally wishes me a happy birthday before my children or my wife on my birthday.

For the average man, it’s as though we’re slaves. It’s as though we’re slaves for children and slaves for spouses.
We will spend money on Father’s Day. We’ll spend money on Mother’s Day. We will spend money on our children’s and grandchildren’s birthday. We’ll spend money on Women’s Day. We will spend money on our own birthday.
What have we done to you?

Some of you, your spiritual fathers, profit more from you than your biological fathers. Some of you, your father-in-laws, benefit from you more than your biological father. What have we done to you?

Happy father’s day!

Some of you aren’t even going to make a dress to send to your father. You will not send a gift to your father, especially if you live abroad. What did you send your father for Father’s Day? What have you done to show your gratitude to your father? How much of the money you spend in lounges drinking and dancing have you sent to your father? When the man dies, you arrive and fan a lifeless body. When I observe people fanning a dead body, it irritates me much. You start fanning your dead father, a man who died without a generator in his house, a man who died without air conditioning. How many times have you called your father since the beginning of the year?

Happy Father’s Day! Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

You won’t even call your father after he has spent all of his time and effort training you.

Happy Father’s Day!

When we call, the answering machine sometimes answers.

Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

It’s a really terrible thing if people don’t take care of us and make us appreciate being your fathers. People should learn to take care of their fathers, not just on Father’s Day.

God Bless You.

And God Rested

Research has shown that Seventh-Day Adventists in the US live longer than other Christians, most likely because of the Sabbath rest and their diet. The Sabbath day of rest acts as a 52-day holiday in a year for them combined with other holidays they will have.

R1 – Learn to Rest

A lot of diseases (hypertension, stroke, diabetes, migraines, etc.) people suffer from can be a result of not taking out time to rest, not the devil.

R2 – Learn to Relax

Look at issues beyond what they are. There are issues before you were born, and there will be issues after you have passed on.

R3 – Learn to Recreate

Have time for fun.

I learn to have fun wherever I have myself, in my own way and what suits me. I do not force myself to conform to traditional patterns people expect of me.

R4 – Learn to Release tension

One of the ways I release tension is with a good sense of humour. I try to do that a lot with my preaching. That’s why I pass for a comedian sometimes.

Couples should learn to release tension together, not increase it with complaints and arguments.

R5 Create time to reflect

Take time to reflect on issues affecting your life. Don’t spend time just being busy, moving through life making the same mistakes.

R6 Develop relationships

Under tension and pressure, Isaac was caressing his wife.

One of the dreams I have for Petra Institute, Effurun is to build centres for people to come together to rest, develop relationships, share ideas in a serene environment.

Learn to rest before you are laid to rest early.

How Much Of Your Life Have You Thrown Away?

Wealth is cultivated; it is grown, nurtured, and then the harvest comes with time.

What little seeds have you thrown away?

These attempts to get wealthy overnight is responsible for a lot of the rituals, internet fraud, and blackmail. True money is made legitimately and gradually.

How much money have you thrown away on excitement, extravagance, etc?

Creating wealth is deliberate. Wealth is grown from potentials. When you see a potential is something, deliberately grow and nurture it.

A lot of the wealth overseas are the things Africa throws away, not able to manage, don’t add value to, and don’t nurture.

How much of life are you driving past?

How much of life are you throwing away?

How much of the remnants of your life are you reinvesting?

How much of the substance of your life are you investing?

We get wise too late, and get old too quickly.

Tikooh Back Your Life

Life might have taken so much from you, but you sometimes have to aggressively take back what you deserve or what rightfully belongs to you.

I compensated for the educational backwardness of my parents by becoming a medical doctor

I compensated for the backwardness of my family by making sure my children got the best education overseas

I compensated for my idolatrous background by becoming a preacher/teacher of the Word of God

I compensated for my parents not owning property by buying real estate and building institutions

We have been in the hands of the same people who have taken so much from us. Nigerians need to Tikoh their destiny from the hands of the few politicians who have seized it

Where has life left you? What has life taken from you?

It is time to take it back!

Tikoh back your destiny!

Why Brilliant and Wise People Can be Poor | Secrets of the Elite

A continuation on the series on the Secrets of the Elite

Ecclesiastes 9:13-16

 I also saw under the sun this example of wisdom that greatly impressed me: 14 There was once a small city with only a few people in it. And a powerful king came against it, surrounded it and built huge siege works against it. 15 Now there lived in that city a man poor but wise, and he saved the city by his wisdom. But nobody remembered that poor man. 16 So I said, “Wisdom is better than strength.” But the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are no longer heeded.

You can have good intentions or ‘good character’ that will probably take you to heaven, but in the sociology of day-to-day living, if you don’t have street wisdom, you will be despised by friends, family, and in your workplace.

You can be wise and despised if you are poor.

You can be brilliant and despised if you don’t have influence.

You must have appetite for life. Just as God loved Jacob and hated (preferred) Esau because he (Esau) was careless with life.

You must dare in life.

The man knew the strategy to save the city but he did not negotiate like Jephthah.

The elite always know how to negotiate what benefits them if they pay a price.

The Iron Law of Oligarchy & The Two-tribe Theory of Under-developing Nations

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

When organisations, fellowships, or movements want to start, they usually start with an ideal; however, when they are formed and consolidated, a time comes when an elite class and a few groups of people corner the privileges to themselves and leave the majority in oppression or poverty.

And these privileges are guarded with an iron fist that makes it very difficult to be penetrated.

Apoki’s Theory of Two Tribes

The two-tribe theory of “Under-developing Nations” identifies two groups of people when a fight for liberation or independence has been successful with a united force.

In practice, there are no tribes: religious groups, north/south, or parties in such nations.

There are just the “oppressors” and the “oppressed”, the “rich” and the “poor”, the “opportunists” and those who are taken advantage of.

This elite class of people do not usually play by the rules.

The tragedy, most times, is that the Stockholm syndrome makes the oppressed fall in love with their oppressors.

Sometimes, there are rare phenomena – a third tribe that exists for humanity that belong to neither of the two tribes.

Socioeconomic/Political Intelligence | Secrets of the Elite Class

Lessons of Life

  • In every society, there’s usually a small group of people that exercise control and power in every sector of the society – religion, music, fashion, politics, sports etc.
  • The elite don’t marry because of love; they are paired for control and power
  • Any man/woman that you’re subject to understands you
  • Only an elite few that are loyal to the founding fathers control the majority of the comfort and the wealth
  • The elite deliberately prepare their children to take over power and control
  • Getting is more important before giving, and the ultimate aim is control.
  • The elite build relationships they can trust
  • The elite know how to play to the weaknesses and strengths of the masses.
  • Popularity is different from influence. Influence is the ability to make people see things from your persperctive. The elite know how to exert influence.

Decompress and Decongest Your Life

Life and living can place a lot of demands on your physical, mental, and social well-being. Don’t let so-called “motivational speakers” like Dr. Apoki Charles put you under unnecessary pressure. Inasmuch as I talk about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and Daily Performance Indicators, we must be very careful not to congest our lives with very debilitating activities.

I had to change my hotel accommodation from the city centre in Port Harcourt to one closer to where I was preaching, because of the stress of driving for 45 minutes each, to and from the city centre to the church. The risk of driving through the busy highway was not good for my age. I was more relaxed in the new hotel and it took me less time to get to the church.

I receive a lot of calls from different people who want to have face to face discussions with me. I have found out that I could easily discuss such matters over the phone and free more time for myself for more productive activities.

I also use the Vilfredo Pareto Principle, when applied means that 80% of your efforts will bring 20% of your returns, and 20% of your efforts will bring 80% of your results.

As much as daily performance indicators (DPIs) are important, you must not crowd your days and life with non-productive activities. Long-term Performance Indicators are much better indicators in the long run.

There are things that gave me revenues in the time past that I no longer do because I need to decongest my life and concentrate on newer and more productive activities. This is very important at 63 years of age because time becomes more valuable as you get older. You can’t afford to waste your time now.

God Bless You.

Abandoned Visions Turn Into Nightmares

I was close to the age of 40 years when I suddenly realised that I had abandoned my vision for life and was becoming a tool or even a broom in a vision I was not responsible for.

I came to realise the following realities:

P1 – Purpose

Take personal responsibility for your life and purposes.

In the Parable of Talents, each servant was responsible for the management of his talent. It was not a congregational or denominational responsibility. The earlier you realise this, the better for you and the fewer chances you have of complaining about your denominational leadership.

A purpose-driven life is more beneficial to a denomination than a life merely in pursuit of miracles.

P2 – Personal pronouncements upon your life

You are the most effective prophet in your life. Prophecies don’t work on visionless lives unless it’s of predictable doom. You can pronounce your future into existence.

P3 – Prayers

Prayers must be for purposes beyond your personal needs. When I found a purpose beyond my personal needs, Jehovah became a partner in my vision.

Most of what I do are not for my immediate personal needs. They are mainly to meet the needs of humanity. You reach a stage in life when your personal needs are met by the humanity which you serve.

I always wonder how you allow others to determine what you pray about and you even repeat prayers after people (that you most times don’t understand). You know your pains and purposes, and you are in the best position to discuss with your father.

I am my best prayer partner.

You can hold a contrary opinion, but as far as it’s my personal life, I know my needs more than anyone else.

P4 – Preparation

I started buying land here (at Effurun-Otor) 9 years back, bit by bit.

I moulded blocks many years ago. I had also accumulated about 20 trips of sand some years back from the honorarium I received from my lectures and preaching engagements.

P5 – Planning

When your purpose is for kingdom development, the spirit of the Lord is part of your planning. Your planning is like prophecy.

I waited for the right time before laying the foundation of the building.

Planning brings prioritisation and order to your life.

P6 – Push and pursuit of purpose

Your purpose must follow you to bed, get you out of bed, and send you to work on your purpose.

Wake up and work on your purpose, if not weeds will grow on it.

P7 – Perspective

Know where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.

P8 – People

You need the right people to help you push your dream to fruition. Some people are speed breakers and fire extinguishers. Some are subtractors and dividers. Avoid them.

After all the prayers and prophecies, stand up and pursue your purpose.

God Bless You.

Work Has Started On My Carryovers

I have started working on my carryovers.

This manure is a carryover from last year to improve the productivity of the carryover cassava I planted last year.

My wife has been a constant carryover for the past 37 years. I no longer pray for her to change; I only ask for more grace to marry her. l know I am her biggest carryover, but she is coping with my abnormality.

Don’t be under pressure from motivational preachers like me; we all have carryovers. Uncompleted church buildings are carryovers.

The problem with several unproductive people is that they don’t know when to stop the groove and be on the move. Your bills did not stop during the holidays. Those who hype the festive periods were making more money from their airlines, transportation businesses, eateries, lounges, hotels, and shopping malls. They were not carried away by the groove.

January is the planting season for the later harvest of the year.

Yesterday, I stocked broilers for the next groove during Easter. I also stocked some layers to replace some older ones. I will sell the old layers later to an eatery where young people come to eat.

The groove is over; return to your business place before others take your customers.

The groove is over; leave your village and go back to your base before you start begging for money to buy fuel or a ticket to go back home.

The groove is over; go back to your base before they start falling sick in the village.

The groove is over; house rent and school fees are waiting.

God Bless You