Service Unto Greater Responsibilities

Text: Mark 10:28-31

Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!” “Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields—along with persecutions—and in the age to come eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

I saw the picture above online. It describes President Bill Clinton greeting an evacuee after Hurricane Katrina, at the Houston Astrodome on September 5, 2005. In the background is, then, Senator Barack Obama holding Clinton’s jacket.

In previous posts on pathway to kingdom greatness, we’ve seen that our master Jesus taught that the pathway to greatness is service.

Why and how?

1. Life is governed by divine principles; the law of cause and effect operates in all spheres of life.

2. The miraculous is only a periodic intervention of divinity in the affairs of humanity when humanity is helpless and confused. I believe in miracles; however, to base our lives on the miraculous and exceptional alone will make us very irresponsible.

3. Prayer is not an alternative to initiative and responsibility as most Africans have come to believe.

Principles of Life

1. You reap what you sow.

If you sow service to humanity and society, humanity and society will reward you with service. This can be portrayed in the lives of Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, Indira Ghandi, etc.

2. When you identify a purpose in life, and put in your best, there is a corresponding release of people and provisions to help you fulfill it.

3. Until you think beyond your immediate needs and challenges, you can’t get and grow beyond your immediate needs.

I drove my Bishop as a medical doctor years back. In 2015, his son, married, was now driving me to go and preach in the same church in his own car. A much better one than I used in driving my Bishop.

The young man, Kirk Joseph Idika, that I taught in Sunday School many years back hosted me in Australia in 2014. Another young man I taught in the same Sunday School offered to host me in South Korea in 2015.

Many students I used to speak to in various universities in the eastern part of Nigeria have hosted me and introduced me to great ministries all over.

When I had no suits, I was giving out suits to pastors. Not long ago, a young man gave me 24 pieces of suits in 2 years.

I set up the church school, in the branch where I was worshiping in Aba, Abia State, and ran it very successfully. Now I run mine well.

God will not owe any man.

I was in Ethiopia in 2003 to do mission work with my money. I slept on a chair the first two nights and was in the remotest part where they still use carts for transport. The old pastor said a prayer for me, that for agreeing to come to Ethiopia, God would bless me when I get home. That marked a great turning point in my ministry.

Let’s cultivate the spirit of service in our churches, work places, and politics.

God create in you and I a bigger heart to serve.

God Bless You.

Service Unto Results, Commendation, Recommendations, and Recognition

Text: Genesis 41:1-14; Genesis 30:25-30

Lessons of life

1. This world is ruled by ideas as people often say. True as that may be, the reality is that this world is governed by ideas that will generate outstanding, generationally-relevant results. Ideas are as common as people. Results proceeded from ideas rule the world.

2. Outstanding and indisputable results lead to commendation.

Jacob’s results in Laban’s life were so outstanding that even Satan spoke to Laban through divination that Jacob’s results were divinely engineered.

3. If you serve well and produce outstanding results, then recommendations and introductions follow. This is where the momentum for greatness is generated and must be maintained.


4. Every little service you render has, embedded in it, two voices—commendation or condemnation—and it could go either way depending on the manner in which the service is rendered.

Joseph interpreted a prisoners dream who later recommended him to the palace.

Most of the big invitations I’ve received to give speeches was as a result of a series of recommendations of previous services I rendered dutifully and outstandingly.

5. It is easier for a client who is satisfied by your service to attract more customers to you than the most expensive adverts with ineffective services.

We have seen that in the running of our school. For many years since the inception of the school, we never ran any adverts even when people advised that was the only way to grow the school. We focused on rendering our services to the best of our abilities and those who patronized our services did the advertising for us, which was more effective.


6. Value for anything or service is measured by the effectiveness in producing expected results. The more satisfactory your services are, the more honour and wealth you get.

7. Any society that has no regard for results, efficiency, effectiveness, competence, and productivity and has no scale for measuring performance will remain perpetually underdeveloped.

Companies like MicrosoftApple, Samsung, etc. are always bringing out new products or improving on the previous ones. Nokia and BlackBerry were gradually pushed to the sidelines because they could not keep up with the rapid pace with which their competitors were servicing the appetites of their customers.

Service Crossword Concept

Be patient serve well where you are now and serve dutifully and passionately; your season of recommendation is here.

Serving With Integrity

The pictures below are that of Julius Kambarage Nyerere, former president of Tanzania, a man of integrity, patriotism, and prudence such that Time Magazine featured him on their cover page—a rare honour.


Text: Genesis 39:1-6, Genesis 39:21-23

Lessons of life

1.  It is true that I wrote in a post about service unto commendation and recommendations that results rule the world. However, if results are like a building, then integrity represents the foundation and the pillars that determine the durability, stability, and the height of the building.

2. Talents, skills, anointing, and even results can take you to the top, but integrity will keep you there.

3. Trust is the thrust that can propel you to great heights when you come in contact with those who can help you.

4. People usually say that the end justifies the means, but I say that the means not only justifies the end, but dignifies it.

5. The church has so degenerated to a point that we celebrate even criminals during our Thanksgiving services just because we want money.

You can hardly trust young pastors these days with women.

I told my drivers yesterday that for more 31 years I have been married at 26 years of age and I started working with women very early: nurses, doctors, teachers, and church workers; I have never wooed another woman, not to talk of ”tasting” another woman as a married man. One in particular was shocked.

No pastor in the whole of Nigeria can say I defrauded him or his members.

We can be like Samuel–Samuel 12:1-6.

6. A nation where the leaders are kleptomaniacs can never develop.

Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, takes public transport in London. Joe Biden was going to work with train as a US Senator. Our leaders dare not try that. One, a former governor, was stoned with packets of sachet water in a ceremony, recently, by his own tribesmen.

Service, With Humility

The picture below is that of former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter.

151110164218-jimmy-carter-aug-20-exlarge-169Text: Philippians 2:3-9

Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School teacher before he contested for the Presidency of the U.S. as a Sunday School teacher. The next Sunday he came to still teach his Sunday School class. Remember the most powerful man on Earth as a Sunday school teacher.

In August, 2015, when he was 90 years,  he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He still went back to teach his class that he has been teaching before he became President. A few months later in December, 2015, he was healed of the brain cancer. Imagine a 90-year-old Sunday school teacher. He is currently 93 years old. He was in Nigeria to eradicate Guinea Worm from Abakaliki area, Ebonyi State, many years ago. He became the oldest president to attend a presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017, at an age of 92 years.

Benefits of humility

1. God finds it easier to partner with you. Pride reminds him of Lucifer.

2. Humility attracts people to you because it is magnetic. People naturally detest proud people.

3. The more people value your services, the more you get commendation and recommendations. You eventually build a network and your network determines your net worth.

4. Proud people find it difficult to take corrections and learn from others so it makes it quite difficult for them to upgrade their skills and services.

I went to do a Master’s Degree after 30 years of being a medical doctor. Some of the professors were my schoolmates. I humbled myself and learnt from them. I made the best result in the class.

5. Humility will help you live a simple and prudent life, and with time, you build a fortune. Proud people are usually very extravagant.

Some of the richest people are very simple – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, etc.

Most of what we call ‘packaging‘ today is over-decoration of emptiness.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the first female Minister of Finance in Nigeria, usually wears simple clothes.

6. Pride attracts enemies and jealously. A proud person usually attracts trouble for himself/herself and those around them.


7. Proud people can’t outperform expectations of their clients because they boast beyond their capacities.


Dissimulation, most times, is a great attitude to cultivate.

Remember, your attitude, to a very large extent, determines your altitude.

Can God trust you with success?

God bless you.

Service, Prompted By Love

The picture below is that of St. Teresa Mary of Calcutta, who left her native country to serve the poor and homeless in India as a Roman Catholic nun.

Text: Luke 10:25-37; Matthew 25:31-46

Ministry, today, is usually measured by statistics of how big, how many, and how much.

Many of us associate Jesus and His church with how much glamour we can see. However, the value the world sees in us is how much we care for ourselves, as brethren, and for them—the world.

A young pastor was wondering how he could become like me. He does not understand that:

  • I could have stayed back in Aba because of popularity and glamour and ended up being a nuisance to my Bishop and the Body of Christ. Out of love for God I chose to go to Ughelli.
  • I started very low by taking care of inmates in the remand home in Aba which, sometimes, included scrubbing toilets of the remand home. I had my own practice then.
  • Next, I took care of lepers in a leper colony in Akwa Ibom State. We were able to build a home for them through the Local Government Chairman, then.
  • We also took care of inmates in the Aba prisons.
  • We took care of motherless babies in the Seventh Day Adventist home.
  • I was in Busia, Kenya, in 2004 and my hosts came to carry me with bicycles to preach. We were in a convoy of bicycles to preach.
  • In Madagascar, I ate cassava and potato leaves, traveled for 17 hours by road and my bum was sore. I slept on my stomach for almost 3 days because my buttocks were sore.
  • For 2 years I never accepted any honorarium. I later took honorarium when I was told it was pride and that I was depriving the people of their blessings.
  • All missionary trips into very remote places in Africa have all been paid for from my pocket. At one time my wife told me that others bring dollars from abroad and I take the little we have outside.
  • Today, none of those guys can intimidate me with anything because I am fulfilled in my role; I’m not competing with anyone.

The secret of greatness is in service based on the love of God.

He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He will not owe you.

No pain no gain.

Pathway to Kingdom Greatness – Service

Text: Matthew 20:26-28

In the system of the world, especially among the primitively ungodly, greatness could be attained by:

  • Suppression of others
  • Stealing
  • Undue show of strength
  • Strings pulled on existing connections, just like the mother of the two disciples did.

However, in God’s Kingdom, greatness is achieved and displayed through service.

Definition of service:

Service is a word you might have constantly been barraged with. to many people it could have different meanings.

Service is ‘worthship’ of God—that is, converting the inner value you have for God to outward actions in His Kingdom.

Dr. Devi Shetty of Bangalore rightly re-quoted Mother Teresa that “serving hands are better than praying lips“, and I might add that, “serving hands are of more value than mere singing lips“.


Service also entails adding value to humanity—making a deliberate effort at leaving people better than you met them.

From the cleaner, through to the receptionist, to the CEO, if we leave people better than when they met us, then we are adding value to their lives. That is the difference between service and a job. Joseph, when he in Potiphar’s house and the prison, added value to the people he met. Jacob added value to Laban’s flock.

In an economic meltdown like what we are experiencing in Nigeria, only businesses that add value will survive. Only workers that add value will remain in their places of duty.

Service is different from duty. Duty is, usually, by compulsion, but service naturally stems from passion.

Service involves helping people do what they cannot do, so that they can do better what they can do.

Service is adding value to your environment and the world.

One of the first services Jehovah gave to humanity is environmental protection. That’s why dirtiness, sin, poverty, criminality and backwardness dwell together.

On September 5th, 2005 Barack Obama was helping Bill Clinton carry his jacket while Bill was campaigning for some stuff. In 2007, Bill came to campaign for Obama and Obama became first black President of the United states.


Most Africans, from preachers, to parents, to presidents, and even school prefects like to be worshiped and served just like the Minister of Interior having his shoes polished by a sycophantic SSS officer in public.

Very few African leaders serve; rather, they steal and seize the common wealth of the people. It’s called Elite Capture in sociology or the Iron Law of the Oligarchy.

My generation, including me, has failed Nigerians woefully.

I plead with the next generation to develop the mindset of service.

Start today to serve and cultivate the mind of service.

God bless you in the name of the greatest servant, Jesus Christ.