By Lemchi Chidi

One of the ways to make money is to copy-right.

Yes, you heard me, copy-right.

This is the story of German billionaires, the Samwer brothers—Marc, Alexander, and Oliver. All siblings.

How did the three brothers become rich?

All they do is sit back, and wait for silicon valley to churn out a new product. And sitting in their house, in Cologne, Germany, they will reproduce the same thing for the European market.

This way, they have launched 30 start-up companies—all look-alike of 30 successful companies in America.

Note that American Start-ups usually target European markets. Any start-up that doesn’t penetrate the market in Europe will struggle to breakthrough. The brothers know this and use it effectively to their advantage.

In 1998, hungry for knowledge and bankrolled by their rich dad, the three brothers travelled to Silicon Valley and worked as interns. Working as interns in Silicon Valley opened their eyes to a world of opportunities available on the internet.

They travelled back to Germany and started the European version of eBay called Alando. Same thing, no difference.

In fact, their website looked like that of eBay.

Afraid not to be shortchanged of the European market, eBay bought out the brothers for $43 million.

Ohhh, and this was exactly 100 days after they started Alando.

Buoyed by this, they went on to create:

  • a version of YouTube and called it MyVideo,
  • a version of Twitter called Frazr,
  • a version of Facebook called StudiVZ,
  • and a version of Airbnb called Wimdu.

Then the created a monster start-up called Rocket Internet which is worth billions today.

The American founders of the companies they’ve copied will invite them to a meeting and buy out the company from them.

This is how these three brothers have become billionaires.

There is nothing wrong with copying, but always COPY-RIGHT.

Why Most Ideas Never See The Sun

By Charles Awuzie

Most ideas never see the sun because they want the project to be perfect 👌 before they launch.

I used to be like that . . . .

And I discovered that I was only hoarding ideas, which never solved any human problems . . . .

I remember reading a post on LinkedIn by my mentor which addressed my perfectionism . . .

In that post, he mentioned that the first version of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay looked very bad . . . .

In fact, I had to Google how the old versions of the platforms looked to get the message. It dawned on me that if Mark Zuckerberg waited to have a perfect looking platform, his idea 💡 would have still been in his lonely head.

In my career, I have met with very smart people with very smart ideas . . .

In fact, I have worked on some projects by these smart friends of mine . . .

But one thing was common among many of them – PERFECTIONISM.

Their desire for a perfect platform caused an infinite delay of a lot of the projects.

This is why I advise those I mentor to avoid perfectionism . . . .

Get the basics right. The major functions should be functional. Then launch.

You will modify, improve, and enhance while in production.

Perfectionism is the reason why most ideas never see the Sun . . . . They die in the mind of the creator…

Stop postponing the launch of your idea

#JustDoIt – like #CharlesAwuzie does it ☺.


Life Is Not Controlled By Prayers

By Charles Awuzie

Life is controlled by Prayers. If you can pray, you will not have any problems in life. The problem you are facing now is because of your prayerlessness . . .

The above statement is false.

Prayer is only but a SCS – Spiritual Communication System, not a Life Controlling System.

Prayer is like the mobile device in your hands, which connects you with fellow humans. But unlike the mobile phone, prayer connects you with the realm of the spirit for fellowship and communion with fellow spirit beings. It is only a fool who can say that life is controlled by the mobile phone in their hands. That’s not true. The mobile phone is only but a tool in the hands of the holder.

That’s the same thing with prayer—it’s only but a tool in your hands. You are still the controller of your own life.

Prayer will not save you from bad decisions; wisdom will.

Prayer will not make you pass your professional exams; studying will.

Prayer will not give you an advantage over your competitors in the marketplace; intelligence will.

Prayer will not conduct surgery on your aged parents; medical science will.

If life was controlled by prayers, Chris Oyakhilome wouldn’t hire AK-47-carrying bodyguards to protect himself when he can just wave his hands and criminals would be slain under the anointing.

If life was controlled by prayers, Dr. Paul Enenche, David Ibiyeomie, David Oyedepo, Daniel Olukoya, etc. will not use lawyers and the court system to address cases of libel or theft in their organizations; they would just pray and the perpetrators will collapse wherever they are.

If life was controlled by prayers, no prayerful student would fail any examination or get fired at work. You need to study and work hard to attain success in your field.

I am a prayerful person myself. C’mon, I pray more than most of you. I am a walking tongue-talker. I have mentioned here before that I speak in tongues even in board meetings. But those prayers are only strong network signals of my spiritual connectivity. As far as the earth realm is concerned, success in this realm is dependent on you and me—our decisions, our application of intelligence, our ability to learn and implement new strategies, our integrity and ability to preserve integrity, etc.

There are natural laws and there are supernatural laws. Don’t let anyone tell you that the natural bows to the supernatural; it’s not true. Both the natural and the supernatural are God’s ordinances, and neither of them is lower in rank.

We are both natural beings and supernatural beings. We are not Supernatural beings alone, else we would be spirits without body.

We are not also natural beings alone, else we would be bodies without spirits.

We are plural beings experiencing plural realities.

Awakening to this consciousness will bring equilibrium and harmony to your existence.

I could go on and on . . .

But if you are awakened, if you are no longer in bed with false religion, if you have raised your level of intelligence, if you are not just looking for Bible references, if you can think outside the box for once, you will find truth in this truth.

I control my own life; you control your own life.

Know this.


The Narcissist vs The Educated Empath—The Challenges of Leadership

By Tobiloba

Be good, be kind to me, but don’t have a voice.

Be good, be kind, but don’t be too smart enough to see that I am using you.

Be good, “You have a good heart”, “Oh such a sweet soul”, but stay here.

The day you tell me, “No!” or show yourself too much, you won’t be a sweet soul to me again, or when I feel I don’t need you again, I will then let you know how stupid I think you are (maybe through an argument), but till then, “You are such a sweet soul”.

And when I need you again, be good, be kind, but forget everything I did.

Oh! Did I even do anything?” “Look at it again.” “It was just your mind.” “You overanalyze things.” “It’s life; it’s normal.” “You are the weird one for thinking like that.

Oook, I am sorry. Can we be friends now?

One day, I will write about the narcissistthe covert ones, the overt ones, but not today.

As an empath, who grew up in a religious setting, you can imagine what my experiences were. If you know anything about religion and narcissism at all, you will know that religion is a breeding ground for narcissismit is what fuels the politics you see in religious settings, the games, the manipulations; and the practice of throwing off everything on God’s shoulders, without deep and thorough examination, in love, even makes things worse. That, as well, is another talk for another day. (Please notice I said religion, not a relationship with God).

I am an empath. Waaaaait now! I hate labels too, I hate stereotypes. I believe humans are unique, and shouldn’t be boxed by labels, but there are repetitive patterns noticeable in how we respond to childhood environments and nurturing, and how that affects us as adults. 

It is not a coincidence that there are certain cases I hear about and I can almost predict they are middle children, (it still happened on call last night). Some I hear, and my first question is, “Where was your Dad at so and so age of your life?” Or Your Mum, in some cases. Others, I ask, “Honestly tell me, do you think you might have been both of your parents’or the most-emotionally powerful parents’favourite?” Sometimes, I am wrong, and that’s ok. But in most cases, I am right. 

My point? There is still a pattern. In the unending Nature vs Nurture argument, it turns out Nurture’s role cannot be underplayed. How we respond to this stressful world, leads us to turn out in different ways, with different patterns, and usually, they are similar and they can be grossly grouped. 

I remember the first day I read about the INFJ. I almost shed a tear. It felt good. I almost shed a tear because I saw written out before me, what I had been trying to explain for years. It felt good that somebody, somewhere else, understood certain things. I sent it to some of my close friends and family. Finally, I was able to find a way to express things I had wanted them to know.

It felt hard to verbalize certain things, because certain levels of introspection was discouraged in the culture where I grew up. No time to be asking “stupid questions”.

I am a first child, an only boy, with two younger sisters, and responsibility and leadership was like a second skin from an early age. It didn’t feel like a burden; it came naturally to serve because I genuinely loved people; I still do. And at some point, I honestly hated that I did; now I know better. Besides home and school, church was my other environment. I sang, danced, and memorized Bible verses. So, being on stage became naturally comfortable too. As that happened, you can imagine, responsibility plus talent = leadership, in most religious settings (it shouldn’t always be so).

Leadership roles evolved one into another; I served on committees, led a few, various groups with very different personalities, toxic, manipulative, rebellious, etc. As I began to grow into a man, I began to step off the scene of positional leadership, at least, and even rejected a few. It made some think I was a rebel, a non-conformist, a pawn that sees himself as a knight. But who cares? 

The more you know about leadership, the less you (selfishly) desire it. It is a call only to serve, nothing else; and if anything at all, I just wanted to help people, and i was not seeking any positional drama to get that done. Leadership is work, (I am not talking corporate leadership, where people are paid to follow you; as hard as that is, it is even easier. Or religious settings, where shallowness of thought is maintained by repetitive indoctrination so leadership is easier). Genuine, selfless leadership of free-minded, intelligent individuals is a lot of work. Every other glory that comes with this is just to compensate for you giving your life. But you see that glory, it is the only thing the ambitious ones see and want. 

It is funny how less ambitious certain people on my team started becoming, when I took them in and started showing them openly how I led from inside out. A few of them had envied me at the beginning, but as time passed, the envy died, because it became clearer that the leader is not the one enjoying. I always say a true leader’s reward, most times, is in the legacy he/she leaves behind, even after leaving the world—eternal life. So, how do you enjoy something you are not there to see? So, you see, leadership is deliberate dying, and selflessness for a cause greater than one person’s life or ambition. But that, too, is another talk. 

Stay with me. 

So, in the early years, despite my interpersonal shyness and avoidant behavior, I still found myself serving on leadership platforms, even from home. It was hard to convince anyone that I was an introvert, because as a leader, you have to communicate (clearly and boldly) or else people won’t know what the vision is. And this made it hard for people to see that side of me as an introvert, and extend understanding where necessary.

And this is no diss to introverts, they make excellent leaders too, sometimes even for a better reason. Because they’ll only go for it with the pure intention to help. Don’t get me wrong.

But the point was, my personality and society’s demands on me were clashing. And I hadn’t matured enough to learn to do it my own unique way, as every leader must learn. I was young and inexperienced. So, I had vibes thrown off as though I was not confident. And oh!, lack of “intimidating” confidence in a society driven by power imbalance, like I grew up in, is seen as not good enough. The point is, people, sometimes, couldn’t place me in a category. One minute I was on fire, driven by passion, and the next, I was looking for where to hide.

And I didn’t really blame those who couldn’t understand it. Even if I watched myself when I am doing what I am passionate about, I probably wouldn’t believe that I am an introvert. The easiest conclusion would be a loud-mouth, that gets it right once in a while, and other times, is less confident, because he doesn’t have as much ability as he claims to.

Things don’t always appear as they are.

I had countless tugs of war with my mother about that. It didn’t make sense to her that one minute, I was out there sounding confident as I could, and the next minute I would just shrink or completely avoid interpersonal interactions, except with those I had emotionally accepted into my circle. Poor woman, (haha) she just couldn’t place it. She would say to me, “So and so person has been asking of you. When are you gonna say hi?” And that’s how the war would start, the endless preaching. Thank God for her, I probably would have been worse.

The dichotomy of loving people, being altruistic, hating injustice, and coming strongly against anyone who did it with boldness, and the next minute, I am running away. . .  Even me sef, I tire for myself (haha).


It was also funny how I could immediately switch between a confident leader or performer (it’s not pride; a leader and/or performer has to be confident), fuelled by passion, to an oyster crawling back into its shell. How my lack of spontaneity, due to the anxiety of being misunderstood in interpersonal interactions, led me to sometimes say stupid things, or sound less in control of my mind than I really was. It felt like I was selling myself short, and I hated it. But all of these seem to disappear when I am with someone I love, or addressing some sort of injustice. So basically, it is passion that fuels my expression. Once passion is involved, I become a completely different person.

How I felt, connected with, empathized with people, (sometimes even without them saying a word to me and yet afraid to let them know or even get close), no, it is not a fear born out of lack of confidence or low self-esteem. It is the fear of deep analysis, and the understanding of the hassles that comes with true unconditional love.

I know some argue that you can’t and shouldn’t show unconditional love to everybody, and I understand that. The dilemma is this, on what basis do you select who you show it to? On the basis of what we need from them? How they behave to us? Does that not already make the love conditional?

See my point? (I have found my private conclusion on that matter)

So the fear is a fear born from evaluation. How close do I want to get? What determines the very reason why I want to get close? Their burdens? Their pain? What they struggle with? Offer a helping hand? And then, Voila! It hit me too. Even that is conditional. Yes, it’s compassion, it’s care, but it is still conditional. I shouldn’t allow people into my life because I am drawn to their pain?

What is in me that is yearning to take responsibility for other people’s mistakes?

That, in itself, is not healthy, and I needed to fix that. I needed to unlearn that. I can’t save the world, although I can make a difference. So, can you imagine analyzing all these things as a child/teenager/adolescent? I could see what manipulative elders were doing. I didn’t have the words then, but I, somehow, could tell that certain things were not seated rightmotives, approach, etc. But then, thank God I was an African child, and we were not allowed to get involved in adult issues or openly voice our opinions; it was my protective factor.

If I was very outspoken and encouraged to, I might have had a harder time than I already did. Imagine being able to dissect the manipulative behaviour of someone feeding you, and you dissect it before them as adults, in a place where children’s rights are not protected at all by the government and the society that has built a look-away culture. “Iyà tí òbá je mí èéhn” 

Imagine how much I would have suffered. But God, in His wisdom, had all the plans laid out, and He is still in control of my life. As broken as I am, He is still painting a masterpiece. And I don’t say that in self pity; I say that in acceptance and insight. We all are broken to a degree.

There are many other things that I won’t be able to explain in this post, about how studying certain things, helped me to understand myself and others better. Because to an extent, you can only connect with others as deeply as you connect with yourself, and it even gave me insight to allow God heal me even more deeply, than I previously allowed Him, and connect with Him deeper.

Besides knowledge, I have always had a knack for behavioural science (psychology, psychiatry, and the biological and psycho-social science that drives the field), but not from a judgmental perspective. My values and how seriously I take life might give you that impression afar off, but if you know me personally, you would see that, my knack for behavioural science is to help and not to judge. To help understand, and empathize. Empathy!! That is where, I most times, get trapped with the narcissists, in different percentages and different styles.

This post would be unnecessarily longer if I go down that route, but in short, the narcissist experienced trauma (he/she might not even have acknowledged it as trauma) as well. But unlike the empath, who turned his/her pain into a platform for healing for others, and in turn, used that as a guiding light to seek his/her own healing. The narcissist feeds off others gullibility and perceived naivety. In his/her view, the world is only beneficial to the smartest, and they must outsmart everyone, and do this at any cost. They must be in control, depending on what matters to them, and how much they want it. In fairness to them, most times, it’s even unconscious.

These opposing, yet attracting, behavioral patterns makes the empath and narcissist a magnetic duo, but a toxic one still.

The empath sees a broken soul that needs fixing, and is playing ‘the bigger person’. The narcissist sees a sweet soul that is very empathetic, and is patient enough to keep believing in them despite the imbalance. And oh, they (the narcissists) will never admit there is an imbalance.

If they are lovers, if they are friends, even if they are twins!!! It is still a toxic relationship.

However as much as an ‘ignorant’ or ‘wounded’ empath is like a lamb to the wolf, it is not so with the informed, educated, and healed empath. He/she will always be the narcissist’s worst nightmare.

The unexplainable hate towards this educated empath, in some cases, can be perceived by objective third parties, at the slightest mention of the empath’s personality and character in a good light. If you didn’t know the empath, and hear a narcissist talk about the empath, you will think he is a devil, and all of these would not be so, if the empath ‘played ball’. 

But, Oh! Not the healed and educated empath. This is not the empath that feeds his/her ego off aiming to fix the narcissist. So the narcissist cannot stand him/her. He really hates him/her. He/She might actually respect the empath, but like, NEVER! Why?! Because the narcissist doesn’t care about you or anybody, as much as he/she cares about how they are useful to him/her. It is this perspective that colors everything the healed empath does. He/She can never be good enough for the narcissist. And guess what? If the narcissist is the overt and expressive type, he/she will share that perspective with everyone who cares to listen, as much he/she can, to gain more control, just in case he needs to use tactics like triangulation in the future.

So be careful about hearsay.

You see, all these layers of manipulation is what a healed empath can see and is not afraid to call out.

The narcissist hates an informed empath’s gutshis/her ability to properly analyze and expose his/her gimmicks, the reverential power he/she will lose when truth comes out from the mouth of the empath, so they avoid open face-to-face debates with objective third parties being around. That, in itself, might even further give the impression that the narcissist is the ‘peace lover’, the gentle one, whereas he/she is just seeking to maintain the status quo, the control, the manipulative tactics, that an objective debate will expose.

And even if there happens to be an open debate, he/she switches to manipulating the argument, by gaslighting, emotional tantrums. Sometimes, they feign anger or are really genuinely angry, but for the wrong reason. This attitude will shock everyone if they are covert narcissists, because they are usually calm, shy, and gentle. The unusual presentation will, instead, move the emotional weight of the observers towards them as a person rather than towards the facts presented in the argument or debate, because humans are instinctively feelers before thinkers. If they are overt narcissists, their explosive reaction will just intimidate everyone, so people just back off. Or they cry, cry, cry. Or they startwait for this!!!manufacturing stories and lies, just to win.

It can be a scary place to be as an empath, especially when nobody can see all these, and sometimes, you have to stand in your thoughts alone; sometimes for years. Some are even married for life to such partners.

I have had the privilege of encountering the partners of such people. They are a mental and emotional mess. In some cases, even the children become tools in the hand of the narcissist to use against the partner. That is triangulation. It is really scary and unfair, but yeah, it’s lifepeople make choices and have to live with them.

In fairness, we all are broken. Even an empath must learn how not to use helping others heal as a platform for his/her own healing. Heal separately. So, all of us are broken, to different degrees. 

I have met people who have narcissistic traits, and to a certain extent, admit it and are working on it.. We mustn’t judge people, but we must call out what is wrong and toxic. I had a friend who looked me in the eye and said, “Tobiloba, leave me alone, let me leave my lie in peace,” and we both laughed.

So I am not against people with narcissistic traits. We, probably, all have had certain traits manifest or ‘personality disorders’ as we call it clinically. As much as they can be perpetrators of pain now, let’s not forget that they were once victims themselves.

It is important to introspect, admit it, submit it to God, apologize when people give you feedback about it. Encourage people to give you feedback, deeply think about it, and genuinely feel remorse when you hurt others as well. Get knowledge about it. We all are a work-in-progress.

And my dear church people, the religious folks, you can be tongue-talking, even demon-casting, extremely devout to religious systems, and still have certain personality disorders.

Even some pastors are so narcissistic, their wives/husband are in serious pain. In other cases, it is the pastors themselves that fell in love with narcissistic partners; being good men/women, they thought they could change their partner. How do you describe such pain as a man/woman that people are looking up to for spiritual direction, when your interaction with your closest partner is seen as a direct reflection of your personality? It is hard.

So, most stay and suffer in silence, and call it serving God. And he/she knows you can’t do anything extra to get back at her/him, because you are a MAN/WOMAN OF GOD.

So, please, don’t be quick to dismiss it with, “God is working on us all”.

I asked someone a question in that line and his/her response was, “I am not like that in Jesus name”. Yet, a lot of people were complaining about this behaviour in this person’s life.

If we believe God can use knowledge of biological and physical science to heal physical illnesses, He can use knowledge of behavioral science to heal disorders warped by emotional traumas.

E get where everybody bag dey leak (we all are works-in-progress).

I am very careful to address issues like this, because of the dangers of misinterpretation, which can be hard to control on public platforms. However, on second-thought, sometimes life is not about perfection. So, yeah. It is what it is. And also, up until now, I have had to split my platforms (and I still intend to do that). I didn’t let my clinical practice, experience, or love for behavioural science slip into my artistic platform (except subtly). I wanted and still want them to stay separate, for personal reasons. But maybe, one or two people can pick a thing or two from random posts like this. 

Please note that the sharing of my opinion doesn’t, in any way, indicate that I am saying I am perfect. Take what you find useful and leave the rest.

You might not be as grateful for this post as much as somebody who is currently being manipulated would be. to Them this post might be a life-saver, an eye-opener, or confirmation of things they have been worried about for years. Sometimes, it just feels good to know that you are not crazy, or stupid like the narcissist will make you feel.

Don’t be so fast to dismiss it, everybody deserves peace.

Jah Bless.

I disappear.


It is Better To Train A Child Than Repair An Adult

By Marcus Ekure

The most cardinal stage of attitude-formation in humans is when they are still very young. Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest psychologists and the founder of psychoanalysis, proposed that the first five years are crucial to the formation of adult personality. Therefore, the good child, most likely, maketh the good adult!

Yesterday was a very busy day for OUR SUPPER KIDS TRAIN as they were all engaged in the production of these cakes.

A day without work and duty for these kids is wasted!

They have become work hunters, because we have instilled the value and importance of work.

Like the symbolism of the rejected stone becoming the chief cornerstone, these children have been refined through mentorship, and are now most wanted.

Beyond McTonia’s Classroom (of the McTonia’s Catering Academy), we also expose them to the secrets of making money.

Next week, their major assignment would be to produce chin chin and peanuts, package them, and market within the neighbourhood. The best marketer would win the McTonia’s weekly prize.

I’m loving these kids and their teacher daily.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We may not be able to fix the whole world, but we can play a little part of the whole that may culminate in reasonable multiplier effects tomorrow.

We believe that if you can fix the child, you may just be fixing the world unknowingly.

Don’t Let An Evil Minority Destroy Your National Identity

By Charles Awuzie

Don’t ever think that the actions of others doesn’t affect you.

Last year in China, black people were denied accommodation because a black man from West Africa committed a crime. His crime affected anyone with a black skin.

In South Africa, white farmers are seen in a bad way because of what a few white farmers did to black people.

A few Zimbabweans in South Africa were involved in Cash in Transit Heist. So, today, Zimbabweans are seen in that way, whereas majority of Zimbabweans, I know, are skilled people earning an honest living.

Black South Africans are now seen in a bad way across Africa because of the actions of a few xenophobic ones, who now make it difficult for the good, educated, welcoming, open-minded, and well-traveled majority of South Africans to freely travel and connect across Africa.

Now let’s talk about Nigeria.

Most Nigerians think that the actions of others will not affect them because Nigerians have been religiously brainwashed to believe that their case is different.

Now listen to me, beloved Nigerians.

For every time you are denied visa even after you fulfilled all requirements, you are paying for the sins of another Nigerian who went ahead of you to commit crimes.

For every time you applied for a job overseas, and they rejected your application, even when you have the right qualifications, you are paying for the sins of a strange Nigerian who went before you.

When you try to use PayPal and other web-services, but discover that Nigeria is banned, remember that another Nigerian caused the whole nation to be banned.

Stop blaming the government for your woes because the government came from among us—we are the government and the government are Nigerians. We are the same people. So we must blame ourselves.

If you know any Nigerian who is committing a crime internationally, don’t celebrate them. They are enemies of your unborn generation. They are destroying your national identity to build their personal empires.

This is why I fell in love with Hon. Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa. He has a very clear understanding of the consequences of the actions of the minority, especially at the international level.

No matter how desperate, angry, hungry or wicked you are, please don’t destroy your national identity. It’s the greatest asset you can live for your children.


Freedom From Fear: Choices Before The New Generation – Babatunde Raji Fashola

I came across this powerful speech, which was the 42nd Convocation lecture delivered by Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, on the 25th of November, 2016.

It is a long read, but definitely worth it.

Great Uniben


This is the greeting amongst students on the campus of the University, and it has endured after graduation, and stayed with the alumni, decades after graduation. May this greeting endure also for all of you who graduate today, and may you fulfill your destiny of greatness as products of a great institution and citadel of learning.

That this university is great is beyond argument now.

The evidence of this abounds in the human capital supply she has produced for Nigeria in fulfillment of the objectives of founding fathers.

It is a rich store of personnel, not only in quantity, but defining in quality.

In all spheres of Nigeria’s developmental endeavour, there is a representative of great UNIBEN, not only in a participatory role, but also in a leadership role, that is setting worthy and commendable examples.

The boys and girls of yesterday have become the men and women, who define the developmental character of our nation, and they are waiting for you all to join them to play your role.

Therefore, I intend to start my interaction with you today by telling a story.

Many years ago, sometime in 1983, in a Philosophy classroom, a lecturer was telling his students about the Theory of Evolution, based on the Big Bang and atomic perspective of our evolution.

He charged them not to believe things that were not demonstrable by evidence. He taught them about cause and effect, relationships of man’s existence, and that everything was ultimately traceable to matter—something that can be seen.

The students, it appeared, seemed to enjoy this explanation of life and their own existence; the problem was that it debunked their understanding of faith, religion and God. They had grown up believing, as Christians and Muslims, that there is God. But they could not see Him. How were they going to resolve this matter of ‘Matter’ and science on one hand, God on the other hand.

This lecturer professed no faith, and did not believe in God, or so the students thought, until one fateful morning, when one of the students sighted the lecturer walking out of church after a Sunday morning service.

Bewildered, confused, feeling misled or deceived by a teacher who told him not to believe what they did not see or could not prove, (and this in the student’s mind extended to God) and to see the purveyor of that view walking out of church, with Bible in hand, was the biggest betrayal that was not going to pass unchallenged.

The student walked up to his teacher, quickly conveyed his courtesies of “Good morning, Sir”, and the following conversation ensued:

What are you doing there, Sir? You came to church?

Yes,” answered the teacher. “I worship here every Sunday.

You believe in God?

Yes, I do.

Why have you been deceiving us?

How have I been deceiving you?

You taught us to believe that God does not exist since we cannot prove it,” the student said.

No. I did not. I believe in God,” the teacher replied.

My faith is different from my job. Your school is training you to become lawyers. They have employed me to develop your minds to question and challenge things. To seek knowledge, never to be easily satisfied. To think, and to challenge the existing order. To drive change and never to settle for the path well-traveled. To dare and to dream, to seek new ways of doing the same thing, because as lawyers, people’s fates will be defined by choices you make. Their lives will sometimes depend on your abilities, as will their businesses or their marriages.

That is my job.

Whether you believe in God or not is not my business. That is your personal choice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is as best as I can recall this event.

The school where this event happened is where we gather today—the great University of Benin. The faculty that offered the course in Philosophy is the Faculty of Law. The lecturer was either Greek or Cypriot. His name was Theodoropolous. I was the student in question.

That encounter shaped my life in many ways; and even if I say so, I am the better for it, having gone through it.

If I had to choose a university again, it would be University of Benin.

It is that experience I had that I feel bound to share with you today as you leave the University.

If I successfully connect with only one of you, I believe the effort will have been worthwhile.

That is why I have titled my intervention: “FREEDOM FROM FEAR, CHOICES BEFORE THE NEW GENERATION”, in the hope that I will challenge you to take control of what happens to you and what happens around you.

I say this because there seems to be an increasing manifestation of our collective surrender of our individual choices and freewill to divine intervention and the possibility of endless miracles.

We are now in the realm and reality of constant expectations of miracles and divine intervention.

Superstitions have taken over reason and logic.

When we pass examinations, win football matches, conduct successful elections, or achieve any feat, we seem all too frightened and unsure of ourselves to take credit for even the most modest of successes attributable to our efforts.

The first thing you hear is, “God did it“.

For the avoidance of doubt, I believe in God, and only He can question my faith.

But I also believe He gave us a lot of freewill.

Regrettably, we have surrendered our capacities and abilities in a frightful way to FEAR, that we have become victims of some confidence tricksters who deceive, dis-entitle, and prey on our fears and frailties in ‘God’s’ name.

Every man and woman of substance now has a Pastor, Imam, Spiritualist, or even a witchdoctor or Dibia, who is responsible for telling them what to do, when to do it, in a way that diminishes his abilities and surrenders his talents and freewill to divine intervention or spiritual consultation.

Many people are disappearing and are being murdered in a crazed quest for human parts because some, who have been entrapped in fear and superstition, believe that you can make money through ritual sacrifice.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Human parts are tissues, bones, muscles and all that, and they have no place in the materials used to manufacture money.

There is nothing divine in money-making. It is entrepreneurship, production, and hard work.

The teaching of science, as espoused by Theodoropoulos, tells me that money is a product of man and not a product of God. It is manufactured in a place called a Mint, by a process of printing, using special paper, ink, engravement and embossment, to make it difficult to fake or counterfeit.

When we play a football match and get to half-time, which is a few precious minutes to quickly refresh, renew and re-plan in the dressing room, we instead gather to pray, on the field, in a huddle that the whole world is still trying to fathom. We waste the precious time that is allotted for tactical review, and return to the second half, singing and praying, “He is a miracle-working God” in search of divine intervention.

The truth is that we have done well when we prepare, and done badly when we do not.

Sometimes, of course, working hard does not always bring the expected results, but it is better than not working hard.

Yes, God is a miracle worker. I believe, but He is not an unjust God who rewards those who make no effort at the expense of those who do.

I once listened to a sermon broadcast on Television, asking people who are indebted to step forward for prayers that will make their debts disappear.

It frightens me. It does not make sense to me.

Debts are accounting—matters of credits and deficits; they do not vanish.

It is people who live in FEAR who fall prey to such teachings, and become victims of misery from poor choices.

I urge you to free your minds from such fears.

There are many teachings about freedoms—Freedom from want, Freedom of Associations, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice (including the choice of leadership by voting at elections) and many others. But the least expressed freedom, is the Freedom from FEAR, which, in my view, is the most important.

A mind taken over by fear cannot express freewill, and will therefore not fully optimize or benefit from the other freedoms.

For example, we have seen that elections are conducted in other parts on the basis of polls, campaigns, analysis of human behaviour, rather than any occultic or sacrificial offering.

Candidates who wish to win elections must persuade people to agree to their messages and promises, and seek to change the minds of those who are unpersuaded, by understanding what they want, and taking steps to address them.

Those who may not be initial converts can change their minds, as we have seen in our own President who finally won after 3 (three) unsuccessful attempts.

For those who do not know, let me share with you some of the things that President Buhari did to win the last election.

A poll was conducted across Nigeria and administered to 20,000 Nigerians as a sample, with each person answering 60 (sixty) questions administered face to face. That meant that the poll had to analyse 1,200,000 (one million, two hundred thousand) responses on what Nigerians wanted in the 2015 election.

The top 3 (three) were security, corruption, and economy, which was to form the core of candidate Buhari’s campaign message that produced President Buhari. This is how to win elections.

Polls are of course not foolproof. They can be manipulated or misinterpreted by those who analyse data. They can also be misunderstood—Hillary was leading but had over 60% trust deficit.

Let me tell you another story related to me. This is the story of the ram.

A friend related to me told me how his mother had a bad dream concerning his well-being.

The dream was related to the mother’s Imam. His response was that there had to be a sacrifice.

I interrupted by asking if the sacrifice involved buying a ram, and he said yes.

Seeking to know how I knew. My response was that Ileya (the Muslim festival of Eid-El-Kabir) of Ram sacrifice was 3 (three) weeks away, and (at the time) any trickster, who could not afford one, would find foul or fair means to get a ram even though Islam does not make it a matter of compulsion.

Whilst I am not passing any judgement on the Imam and any other man of God, because I cannot question their faith, the coincidence was just too uncanny.

Yet I agree I may be wrong. However, I do not see how sacrifices are solutions to dreams. Dreams are scientific events occurring as a result of the Rapid Eye Movement during sleep at a stage when our brains are most active.

Let me reiterate again that I have no quarrel with faith. What I seek to advocate is the lack of FEAR, and the resort to faith out of conviction, rather than as a result of FEAR.

Fear takes choices away, and choices can, and must, be the product of conviction.

If we pursue our choices with as much conviction as we pursue our faith, we will certainly be a more prosperous society.

Let us remember, that at least the two dominant faiths are not original to us; they are inherited. The propagators of the faith have made them personal affairs and not public ones.

I have attended meetings in the West and in the Middle East, and not on one occasion have these meetings been started or ended with prayers.

Meetings represent public undertakings and places of work and productive undertakings to deliver prosperity.

When those people have worked hard for the week, they go on Fridays and Sundays to their places of worship and their homes to offer prayers, for God to bless and prosper the work of their hands.

Sadly, back home, the head of Governments, heads of ministries, and businesses, devote early mornings at work to prayers, with their staff, while productive man-hours tick away; they do the same at home, and on weekends, we socialise.

In effect, we spend a lot of time praying and socializing.

How can this lead us to prosperity? If this is not faith influenced by fear, I do not know what it is.

If you visit many construction sites where the Chinese are employed as contractors, you will find that they work on Sundays, but we who have unemployment challenges, do not often work on Sundays.

We have invested a worrisome amount of money in building places of worship compared to what we have in building factories, businesses, and schools. This is worrisome compared to the investments I see in businesses and schools that outstrip investment in places of worship in the West and Middle East.

Recently, while driving along a road of not more than 5 (five) kilometres, in a Nigerian city, a colleague and I took an unplanned census of building types, and this is what we counted:

a) 1 laundry outfit for washing and dry-cleaning clothes (Job place)

b) 3 clinics for healthcare (Job place)

c) 2 petrol filling stations (Job place)

d) 1 bank branch (Job place)

e) 4 shopping outlets (Job place)

f) 1 eatery (Job place)

g) 10 religious houses (Worship place)

As you go around your states and neighbourhoods, I urge you to do a similar count and tell your neighbour what you see.

Again, I reiterate, I do not criticise worship, but I am challenging you to think through the choices you will make.

We will not pray our way out of recession; we will plan, and produce our way back to prosperity and out of recession, and you are the freshest, youngest, and most energetic workforce we will have to work with. You are the new batteries to power the engine of growth of our country.

Your choices must be clear, free from fear, not reckless, but driven by analytical thought, questioning, probing, and ultimately determined by convictions.

In order to test the consequences of choices based on faith influenced by fear, I advise you to look at the world map and 2 (two) Island nations, which are situated on the Northern Hemisphere.

I will not tell you their names; you find that out. But I will tell you they are close to each other. One believes in God and works hard. The other one is the home of voodoo and spends all time practicing this.

If you follow their history, the first one is prosperous, and the second one seems to have made a permanent contract with poverty.

This can be changed if, and when, they make the right choices.

While still on this matter, let me speak about traditional medicine as distinct from divination.

Traditional medicine, from herbs, roots, and other endowments of nature have their place of preeminence in the assurance of our well-being and good health. I cannot say the same thing about divination and sacrifices.

We must choose to work our iron ore to produce steel and build skyscrapers, machines, and tools like others do, instead of worshiping the god of iron.

We must use engineering to manage and control flooding and erosion.

We must probe the treasures of our forests and depths of our oceans as bastions of possibilities that we must manage and dominate, instead of worshiping the god of the sea.

If we continue to fear the sea, oceans, and waters, we will perpetuate the practice of sacrifice, instead of undertaking the enterprise of understanding and dominating them for energy and transport.

We must approach our rock formations as treasure troves of building materials like marble, tiles, and granite, rather than treat them as totems of salvation that require animal sacrifice.

We should stop deifying the moon and stratosphere beyond the visibility of our eyes out of fear. Instead, we should develop the courage and resolve to send men and women to land a spacecraft there.

I fully understand that some of you, who have been raised in an environment dominated by your fear, may have been adversely affected by it. But let me assure you that freedom from fear is not the same as courage.

Instead, while fear is an emotion, freedom from it is the ability to overcome it by refusing to surrender to it. It comes from developing an ability to question things, to challenge the existing order, and create a new order.

It has been done before. It requires us to know our choices and beliefs, and dispense with culture that is not dynamic.

That is why twins survive today. We stopped killing them and turned our backs against a Philistinic practice that was masquerading as a culture.

If you surrender to fear, people less educated, less intelligent, and less qualified than you will take over your minds, your homes, and your decision-making powers.

Many of such people are confidence tricksters, who will prosper at your expense by preying on your fear.

Therefore, let me say to you that while your education may not be perfect, while there may be challenges, there is room to improve on it, because your education does not end here.

Indeed, your education has just started.

What you have learnt in the controlled environment of university classrooms will be subject to the test of real life situations. How you improve and educate yourself depends on how you use your minds.

For example, do you simply repeat and reaffirm what you hear people say simply because they are highly-placed and supposedly intelligent?

Do you verify it yourself before repeating it to others?

Do you ever ask yourself if those people could be wrong? Yes, they can be. We are all flawed.

Do you ask yourself whether those you quote without question even read as much as you do?

Do you think in terms of these words: “Impossible”, “Improbable,” “Unlikely”?

If you do, please stop it. They are symbols and signposts of fear.

Almost everything that was once thought impossible, improbable, unlikely has happened.

Men and women now fly thousands of kilometres in the sky. They eat, sleep, and can now shower on the Airbus A380, an engineering feat delivered by engineers of Airbus and Boeing who started out life like you, as young graduates like you.

There are now driverless cars, and men have landed on the moon, and have communicated back to Earth on missions driven by freedom from fear, sheer dedication, hard work, and an indomitable spirit that refused to surrender to divination, but persevered against the odds of failure before success was achieved.

But these men and women, who have freed their minds from fear are not done. They are pushing to send men to Mars—The Red Planet. They are looking for cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases.

This will be the work of science, research and driven by freedom from fear, not by prayer, or sacrifice of fetish to some inanimate deity.

How do you free your mind from impossibility, improbability, and unlikelihoods?

The answer is simple. Remember always, that those words are negatives. Replace them with positive thoughts and actions.

This is what frees your mind from fear and helps you to choose, to see solutions, and to look for opportunities, instead of dwelling on and surrendering to problems.

If you see unmanaged refuse as a problem, you may not think of recycling and re-use and the economic opportunities that have multiple benefits, including the ultimate removal of the refuse.

If you dwell on traffic gridlock as a problem, you are unlikely to focus on developing intelligent traffic-management solutions like traffic lights or a radio station to manage it, and create opportunities for yourself and others.

If you focus on crime and its burden, you may lose the opportunity to focus on crime-management strategies like more policemen, crime-detection methods, employment, and training of judges.

Indeed, as they say, if you see every problem as a nail, the only solution you might evolve is a hammer.

So, please look for the positive angle of a difficult situation, because there will be one, if you look hard enough.

I urge you to free your mind from fear, reach for the skies, choose by conviction, and not by fear; trust in your abilities and God-given talent, take responsibility, work hard, and pray if you believe.

Yes, Sango is the god of lightning and thunder, but all the sacrifices made to Sango have not generated 1 kilowatt of electric power. Electricity is produced by using nature’s gifts, such as gas, water, solar, and wind, harnessing their capacity through turbines made from steel to serve our energy needs, not by making animal sacrifices.

I will conclude by urging you to look for the book titled “Start Up Nation” by Dan Senor and Saul Singer; it would provoke your thinking as it did my own thinking. It is a story of Israel—how a nation that was not given any chance of survival, survived in the worst possible place.

I am done.

May the wind be behind your sails as you set forth in the journey of life.

I hope they will fulfill their true promise, and I hope that they will be free from fear so that they can make good choices and contribute to our national development.

Thank you very much for listening.

Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN

Honourable Minister of Power, Works and Housing!

Great and Mighty Things

By Charles Awuzie

Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” ~ Jeremiah 33:3

This scripture changed my life.

I used to think that God was talking about showing me the witches from my father’s house or other evils that were stopping my progress. But one day, the Holy Spirit and I had a deep conversation and He began to teach me the meaning of this scripture.

Think about it. The great and mighty things that God will show His child, who calls upon Him cannot be enemies or evils that are stopping progress.

The great and mighty things” in that scripture talks about plural revelations, not a singular revelation. So, they are deep things in diverse faculties of life.

In Science and Technology, there are great and mighty things you don’t know, which God wants to show you.

In Economics, there are great and mighty things, which God wants to show you.

In Medical Science, there are great and mighty things, which God wants to show His children.

Forget about witches and evil for once, and your mind will begin to open to the great and mighty things which God wants to show you.

The day I understood this, I stopped misquoting this scripture and started applying this prophecy in my business and research.

Today, to the glory of God, this Revelation is the reason I am where I am today. God has shown me, and continues to show me, great and mighty things in Science, Technology, Economics, Sex, Spirituality, Relationships, Death and Life. I now know that death can be solved, because every problem has a solution. And I am deeply researching everyday on how to solve, or at least postpone, certain unnecessary deaths.

Friends, pray this prayer with me: “Dear Father, I open my consciousness to receive deep revelations of great and mighty things in the realm of science, technology, life, and death in Jesus name“. Say AMEN.

Now be open-minded and start digging deep into knowledge—you will emerge a global phenomenon soon.


The Darkness of The Nigerian Educational Sector

By Charles Awuzie

It is heartbreaking to look back at where you are coming from and see such darkness.

This is how I studied Biochemistry in Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

This is how you studied Engineering in your own Nigerian University.

This is the reality of university education in Nigeria.

This is why the rest of the world despise Nigerian University Education.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is why I know hundreds of Nigerian university graduates who can’t even spell their surnames correctly.


Please don’t remind me of the few Nigerians making huge waves in their careers around the world; don’t use their successes to pamper our national mediocrity.

How can you study in such an environment and be proud of your degree?

This is why I encourage today’s Nigerian students and graduates to find a way to enroll in a foreign university and get properly educated?

Nigeria is a huge pain in my heart.

The day your eyes open to how things work elsewhere, Nigeria will break your heart more than any ex ever did.

Sometimes, I criticize people like Sowore and Nnamdi Kanu; but some other times, I just tell myself that these men are permanent residents of functional systems, and like myself and thousands of other Nigerians outside the borders of Nigeria, it is heartbreaking to look back at where you are coming from and see such darkness.


Don’t Grow Too Big to be Beyond Correction. God is Still Looking for Men and Women

By Lemchi Chidi

In the mid-late 1800s, there arose some terrific servant of God, who was nicknamed The Governor of Chicago. His name was John Alexander Dowie. He immigrated to the United States from Australia, where he had been a Pastor during the Great Plague, which killed thousands.

He changed the entire spiritual climate of Chicago, stopped crime, ran drug lords out of town, healed the sick, raised the dead, and had packed out meetings.

Interestingly, he didn’t believe in the Holy Ghost and praying in tongues.

He groomed so many healing ministers including Gordon Lindsay, John G. Lake. In fact, Lindsay was born in his church because his parents were members of the movement.

Then somewhere along the way, trouble started. Trouble started when he began to live a larger-than-life lifestyle. He built a tabernacle he called The New Jerusalem. It is still there in Chicago. He began to teach some strange doctrines which centred around his anointing. He refused to accept accountability. Because of this, his friends deserted him, and proteges like John G. Lake left the ministry to start their own work.

To show you how far gone in pride Alexander was, in 1899, another spiritual giant D. L. Moody, who used to be friends with Dowie, but had distanced himself from him because of his antics, became very sick and lay dying. Dowie wrote him a letter and said, “apologize to me publicly and I will pray for you to be healed”.

Moody ignored him, and would go on to die from that sickness. Dowie was everywhere preaching and teaching that Moody died because he didn’t apologize to him. And that he was the anointed, the Elijah of his time. He also said this will be the fate of anyone who talks bad about him or doesn’t embrace his ministry.

Long story short, Dowie died in 1907.

After his death, the devil raised a servant of his who, would go on to reverse everything Dowie had done. His name was Al Capone. Till date, Chicago has never been the same, as Capone and his disciples reversed the spiritual climate, and made it what the devil wanted it to be. It is the killing field of the United States of America today.

There are two types of relationships that are very important in life. They are: the relationship with your spouse and divine relationships God puts in your life for checks and balances. And the devil works overtime to make sure these relationships are destroyed. The moment you consider yourself the fountain of knowledge, and can’t take instructions from anyone else but yourself, forget it, you’re at the borderline of destruction.

Can God raise men who would have dominion with men and heaven? Yes, he can. I’m not talking about motivational speakers, but men who would stand and say, “Till I die, there would be no robbery around here.” Yes, He can. He is is desperately in search of such people. Not storytellers or manipulators, who use spiritual gifts to manipulate and intimidate others. No, no. But men who are daredevils.

In the ’40s, a young man travelled to the UK on a study tour, and part of the tour was that he would visit the home of legendary John Wesley.

Together with other students and in company of their professor, the young man visited the home of John Wesley, and they were shown around the home of the great revivalist. When they were done, the professor took them back to the bus. But before they drove off, he got up to count the students to be sure they were all in the bus. He noticed that one was missing.

So he went back to the house and began to go from room to room in search of this missing student. When approaching John Wesley’s study room, this professor heard the voice of a young man crying, “Do it again Lord, and this time, let it start with me.” That was all this young man was saying. The professor, approached him, tapped him and said, “Billy, it is time to go home.

Billy Graham

Rising on his knee, Billy Graham would go on to be become one of the greatest evangelists to walk earth.

Is God still searching for people? Yes.

Every day, He looks out to see who is the next person saying, “Do it again Lord, this time, let it start with me.