Father’s Don’t Eat Father’s Day | We Deserve More

Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to express my gratitude to all fathers. I’d like to say a prayer for all fathers.

We work so hard to raise children, so hard to care for our families and wives, and so hard to build houses. We put in a lot of effort to start businesses. We work so hard to provide a good life for our children. However, we discover later in life that some of these children hardly ever call you. My bank occasionally wishes me a happy birthday before my children or my wife on my birthday.

For the average man, it’s as though we’re slaves. It’s as though we’re slaves for children and slaves for spouses.
We will spend money on Father’s Day. We’ll spend money on Mother’s Day. We will spend money on our children’s and grandchildren’s birthday. We’ll spend money on Women’s Day. We will spend money on our own birthday.
What have we done to you?

Some of you, your spiritual fathers, profit more from you than your biological fathers. Some of you, your father-in-laws, benefit from you more than your biological father. What have we done to you?

Happy father’s day!

Some of you aren’t even going to make a dress to send to your father. You will not send a gift to your father, especially if you live abroad. What did you send your father for Father’s Day? What have you done to show your gratitude to your father? How much of the money you spend in lounges drinking and dancing have you sent to your father? When the man dies, you arrive and fan a lifeless body. When I observe people fanning a dead body, it irritates me much. You start fanning your dead father, a man who died without a generator in his house, a man who died without air conditioning. How many times have you called your father since the beginning of the year?

Happy Father’s Day! Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

You won’t even call your father after he has spent all of his time and effort training you.

Happy Father’s Day!

When we call, the answering machine sometimes answers.

Nonsense Happy Father’s Day.

It’s a really terrible thing if people don’t take care of us and make us appreciate being your fathers. People should learn to take care of their fathers, not just on Father’s Day.

God Bless You.

If Nigeria is Your Private Company, Would You Allow Such Wickedness?

If we consider Nigeria to be a company, Nigeria PLC., would you employ those people you are defending as presidential candidates? Would you employ them to head your family business? If you were the manager of Nigeria PLC, would you employ the people you are defending as governors and senators in your company? Would a reasonable company like Microsoft, Total, or Nestle employ such people to head such companies?

Why is it that politics blinds our eyes and assassinates our intellect to the point where we can defend anything because the person is from our tribe, our religion, or our region? According to Lemchi Chidi, many people do not have the best interests of the country at heart; they simply want the country to benefit them.

Do you want your business to be run the way Nigeria is run? Do you want your business to be run the way your States are run? Do you want your business to be ran the way your local government council is ran? If not, you are a wicked person. It is wickedness to recommend the kind of people we are recommending today in politics. When I see the kind of people we are supporting, it as if we are into witchcraft and mutual deception?

Let me just say this: I don’t have anything to lose at this age; I can easily go and buy a house overseas; I can do well regardless of who rules this nation. But what about my grandchildren? What about your grandchildren? What about my relatives? What about people in my community? What about my comfort with policemen who look very wretched harassing people without electricity, water, or good health care?

Who do you support? What do you support. This country is dying, and we must reclaim it from the same rapists, thieves, and criminals who have ruled us for years, and from the same people who want to continue dominating us.

Someone once stated that doing the same thing in the same way and expecting a different outcome is insane. Now we are doing the same thing with the same people, in the same way, in the same country and expecting a different result.

Put an end to your hypocritical prayers. Take the correct option, make the right decisions, and transform this country.

God bless you, and pick wisely.

The Owo Attack and the Disregard For Human Life | Nigerian Citizens Can No Longer Outsource Our Security To The Government.

The Owo attack is not the first in recent memory, but it is a significant warning sign because it shows that terrorism, which has traditionally been inflicted in the North, is spreading to the South.

The attack also demonstrates the government’s disregard for human life and empathy. After the attack, President Buhari still had time to host a dinner with other APC party members. In response to the killings, a government that values life would have cancelled the dinner.

Where was the response from security personnel to the attack? In a functional state, the government is responsible for providing security, water, a good education, stable electricity, and healthcare. When the government fails to meet her citizens’ basic needs, we make personal and communal arrangements to provide these services for ourselves and our communities.

The government is responsible for general security; however, self-defence is a personal responsibility. This means that we cannot rely solely on the government to ensure our personal and group security. When the government is constantly failing, we must begin making proactive plans for our security in the south and north.

The Church And Social Services

I was reliably informed that 80% of all health workers in Germany are employed by two Christian charities. One of them, Caritas, is run by the Roman Catholic Church. I also learnt that 60% of all hospital beds in Germany are in Roman Catholic Church-run hospitals.

Some of the biggest hospitals in the United States are faith-based hospitals run by Baptist, Roman Catholic and Methodist churches.

The Roman Catholic Church has more health facilities than any nation in the world.

The evangelicals in Germany are also doing well.

I’m so glad I met a young man Rev. Ugo Akwarandu, senior pastor of the Freedom Word Assembly, Aba, doing something great in this direction.

He runs the Freedom Word Mission hospital, a very beautiful world-class hospital, and he has a beautiful ultra-modern diagnostic centre in the same street in the Umungasi/Abayi neighbourhood as the church and hospital. In addition, he runs the Freedom Word International Academy a very beautiful school also on the same street. These are beautiful edifices.

I was so impressed.

Less than one kilometre before him at Umungasi, we have the Living word Ministries where I got born again in 1986, run by Rev Emma Okorie. They have churches and several schools; that’s where my children started school. They have the Living Word hospital and Rhema University. Their services are not free, just like in other countries, but the availability of these services is worth celebrating.

Their contribution to the community and national development is noteworthy.

I was most impressed by the humility of Rev Ugo Akwarandu.

I look forward to building a great private specialist hospital at Otokutu one day as my contribution to community development.

The church is marching on; it’s a trend worth replicating around Nigeria.

God Bless You.

And God Rested

Research has shown that Seventh-Day Adventists in the US live longer than other Christians, most likely because of the Sabbath rest and their diet. The Sabbath day of rest acts as a 52-day holiday in a year for them combined with other holidays they will have.

R1 – Learn to Rest

A lot of diseases (hypertension, stroke, diabetes, migraines, etc.) people suffer from can be a result of not taking out time to rest, not the devil.

R2 – Learn to Relax

Look at issues beyond what they are. There are issues before you were born, and there will be issues after you have passed on.

R3 – Learn to Recreate

Have time for fun.

I learn to have fun wherever I have myself, in my own way and what suits me. I do not force myself to conform to traditional patterns people expect of me.

R4 – Learn to Release tension

One of the ways I release tension is with a good sense of humour. I try to do that a lot with my preaching. That’s why I pass for a comedian sometimes.

Couples should learn to release tension together, not increase it with complaints and arguments.

R5 Create time to reflect

Take time to reflect on issues affecting your life. Don’t spend time just being busy, moving through life making the same mistakes.

R6 Develop relationships

Under tension and pressure, Isaac was caressing his wife.

One of the dreams I have for Petra Institute, Effurun is to build centres for people to come together to rest, develop relationships, share ideas in a serene environment.

Learn to rest before you are laid to rest early.

Content Attracts Contacts | Start Early

I had time to deliver a lecture to undergraduates from a private University in my home.

Topic: Start early

I started early to define my life.

My illiterate and poor (but visionary) father cast a mould of becoming a medical doctor in my mind as early as when I was in Primary 4. I did the same for my eldest son, who is currently practising Orthopedics in Germany.

If you ever hear any negative story about any of my children, it was a personal and deliberate choice by that person. Don’t even blame the devil. Don’t dare blame me because I started very early to teach them about purposeful living and being models.

I decided to get married early. I was 26 and my wife was 24. I had my children by the special grace of God very early and in quick succession.

I started buying real estate immediately after my NYSC year. I saved money even though I got married during my NYSC year and bought a car at the end of my NYSC duties at Aba.

I gave myself 2 years of paid employment in a private hospital and then opened my practice at 29 years of age. At 32 or thereabout, I built my first building when cement was 50 Naira a bag.

I decided very early, while still in medical school, not to be a professor or practice medicine beyond 40 years of age. At 40 I retired.

I started saying very early that I would have grandchildren all over the world and have a global family.

When I relocated to Ughelli, I told my friends that I want to live in my own community of 20 acres and Pastor Emmanuel Moses said God told him that it will be 50 acres with a stream in between. We are there already. There is a seasonal rivulet in the middle and we plan to canalise it.

Start early to work hard. Save and live like a slave, so that you can live like a king later in life. Define your life early so that you can refine it along the way. I was distracted along the way, but my definition determined my direction and gave me determination.

Dare to be your own prophet. Your covenant is like a fence around your life. An uncovenanted life is an unguarded treasure. Your desires, if strong enough, will determine your conduct and content and they in turn will determine your contacts. I have dared to dream and dared to walk alone for the good of humanity.

Remember the biker, Adeyunju, who rode from London to Lagos? He rode alone but when he arrived yesterday, there was a crowd waiting for him. When you get there, there will be a crowd and people will want to learn from your life journey.

It’s not too late to pick up your dreams or create new ones. I reconfigured my life at 40.

Life is like that.

God Bless You.

University Education and The Reality Out There

Giving a lecture at the Michael and Cicelia Ibru University, Agbarah Otor.

1. A University degree should not become a life sentence.

I trained as a medical doctor, but I decided very early not to be defined by being a medical doctor.

Medical training only enhanced my intellectual ability.

I read beyond medical books in the university, that’s why today, I have engagements to lecture entrepreneurship in Universities.

2. You must acquire relevant skills outside your area of certification that people are willing to pay for.

3. The next wave of entrepreneurs are highly educated people rebranding and repackaging services hitherto rendered poorly by illiterates.

This will require humility and creativity.

There are great opportunities at each level of the Maslow’s pyramid of needs and at the C. K. Prahalad’s Base of the Pyramid. Food, clothing, shelter, security, transport, etc. will be highly appreciated and paid for even by the poor with rebranding and repacking.

4. There are the following areas of innovation any educated mind must focus on now.

S1: Saving time, cost and energy for people.

S2: Simplification and stress reduction to get things done.

S3: Size reduction without reducing functionality. You can easily set up a mini studio in your room with good lighting at an affordable cost.

S4: Synergy: Linking up and harnessing each other’s comparative advantages to solve mutual and global problems and creating wealth in the process.

S5: Sustainability. From renewable energy to asset management for families in transition because many businesses have aging owners whose children are not interested in taking over or don’t have the requisite business skills.

5. A lot of what people learn in universities become irrelevant even before they graduate. Therefore, you must acquire relevant information and knowledge on a regular basis.

6. As I’ve said previously, life is now lived in 3 realities:.

a. The spiritual reality.

Africans have focused so much on this because of fear and superstition to such an extent that we have negated the other two realms.

b. The physical reality.

There are key principles, which you don’t learn in universities, that determine the dynamics of wealth. If you don’t know them, you can pray from morning to night for wealth, make the best grades in the University; you will either find yourself working for a semi-illiterate or living as a tenant in his house.

Ironically, many youths and their parents are still fixated in the past and are not willing to face the new reality.

c. Virtual reality and the Internet.

If you don’t know how to harness the power of the Internet, you might just be struggling with life for a long time.

God Bless You.

How Much Of Your Life Have You Thrown Away?

Wealth is cultivated; it is grown, nurtured, and then the harvest comes with time.

What little seeds have you thrown away?

These attempts to get wealthy overnight is responsible for a lot of the rituals, internet fraud, and blackmail. True money is made legitimately and gradually.

How much money have you thrown away on excitement, extravagance, etc?

Creating wealth is deliberate. Wealth is grown from potentials. When you see a potential is something, deliberately grow and nurture it.

A lot of the wealth overseas are the things Africa throws away, not able to manage, don’t add value to, and don’t nurture.

How much of life are you driving past?

How much of life are you throwing away?

How much of the remnants of your life are you reinvesting?

How much of the substance of your life are you investing?

We get wise too late, and get old too quickly.

Tikooh Back Your Life

Life might have taken so much from you, but you sometimes have to aggressively take back what you deserve or what rightfully belongs to you.

I compensated for the educational backwardness of my parents by becoming a medical doctor

I compensated for the backwardness of my family by making sure my children got the best education overseas

I compensated for my idolatrous background by becoming a preacher/teacher of the Word of God

I compensated for my parents not owning property by buying real estate and building institutions

We have been in the hands of the same people who have taken so much from us. Nigerians need to Tikoh their destiny from the hands of the few politicians who have seized it

Where has life left you? What has life taken from you?

It is time to take it back!

Tikoh back your destiny!

Miraculous Money?

Someone asked a question,

Dr. Apoki Charles, We are tired of the principles and processes of wealth. We need the miracles. Are there no good miracles of wealth?

The miraculous is only an intermittent intervention of divinity in the affairs of humanity when humanity is helpless and confused.

That God multiplied fish and bread did not prevent people from owning bakeries, producing bread, or owning fishing boats.

Peter could not have depended on Jesus everyday for miraculous fish everyday.

You can have surprise money or gifts, but it is not sustainable every day, and somebody actually paid the price for it somewhere. However, if you don’t have a vision, you might not get provision.

Miraculous money is the reason false prophets do very well in Africa and all around the world. That’s because the average African wants to outsource responsibility.

Miraculous money is also why rich-quick schemes never go out of date and people still fall prey to them.

Sustainable wealth can only be created based on principles, processes, and practices.

The miraculous is very probabilistic and unsustainable; it cannot happen to everyone.

God Bless You.